Missionary Support

Missionary Support

Mission is so important within the local church, because as Christians we are commanded by God to share the gospel. The LORD JESUS said "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel" Mark 16:15. God calls different people to do this, we call them missionaries. In many ways we are all missionaries in our own lives but some are called to send their whole lives serving God in other places.

As a local Church we help support the following missionaries:

Allan and Mandy Caley are serving the Lord with New Tribes Mission, currently at North Cotes Lincolnshire, NTM's UK headquarters. They had to leave the village where they were doing Church planting in the Ivory Coast due to rebel fighting, but hope to return one day.

Alec and Jan Forman are serving the Lord with 'Janz Team Ministries' at the Black Forest Academy, Kanderm, Germany. This is where children of missionaries are educated. Alec is a maintenance engineer and Jan the school nurse.

Roger Carswell has been an Itinerant  Evangelist for over 20 years. He preaches the Gospel to students at Universities and people at Missions and churches mainly in this country. He also produces book and tracts that are very readable and informative about the christian faith.

Javed Bhath is a Pakistan missionary to the Muslims and Asians. He is working in Dewsbury and is mainly supported by Dewsbury Evangelical Church.

Richard Gibson is serving the Lord with CWI in Leeds. 

If you would like to know more about any of these people or would like to know how you could help support them both in prayer and financially please contact the church.

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