Church Weekend Away October 2

For our weekend away we went to Bassenfell Manor near Keswick in the Lake District. It is a brilliant place and we were encouraged to evangelise by Richard Gibson our speaker for the weekend.

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Arrival at the Manor Fun outside More fun outside
A flat walk! Still flat Fantastic views as we walk.
Are we lost? Do you think we are lost? Lunch at last!
Follow the leader. It got a BIT muddy!! And it was a little wet in places.
There were warning signs But we ignored them and carried on knowing our Pastor would step in if needed!! It WAS a great walk All the children agreed!
At last we got back. Some wondered what all the fuss was about! We all had a great time - thanks Tim! Meal times were excellent thanks to Becky and Andy and their staff!
The Servers! The Washer uppers! And the waiter.
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