Junior Church and Bible Class

This morning we spent time reflecting onanother year in our Sunday children's work. The children took part in the servoce and received prizes.

There are 30 photos for this gallery.
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Class 1 singing 'God's not dead, NO he is alive!' Class 1 sang brilliantly and the actions were something special. Class 2 performing a play written in class about Daniel's friends
High Offical speaking to Shadrach Narractor 2 was excellent 'The three friends'
Killed by the heat! But the friends were fine Now there are four people in the fire. Narrator 1 - very confident.
Play continues Obey God not men. Acts 5:29 Bible Class - Conversation poems
Bible Class Conversation poems 2 Bible class - Conversation poems 3 Class 1 get their prizes
Class 2 get their prizes. Bible Class get their prizes. Playing football!
The bbq begins ... Some safe playing together. Two good friends playing chase.
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